Our practice, mayfield physical therapy

Our Practice

Mayfield Physical Therapy offers a full spectrum of rehabilitation services as an outpatient-based clinic specializing in the following:

  • Orthopedics (sprains/strains, pre- and post-surgical rehab)
  • Neurological (Stroke, Balance Training)
  • Geriatric (Fall Prevention/Rehabilitation, Gait Training)
  • Sports Medicine (High-level and backyard athletes)
  • Industrial Rehab (work-related injuries)

We pride ourselves on providing truly individualized, one-on-one care with a licensed clinician. Continuity of care is our standard at Mayfield Physical Therapy. Correction of your pathology is multifaceted: patient education, mechanical diagnosis and treatment along with manual therapy are some of the basics at Mayfield Physical Therapy. From the beginning of the therapeutic process through the end we will provide continuous information about your customized care.


  • Seeking physical therapy services in a private practice can save you $$$?
  • For those of you with high deductible plans (large out of pocket expenses), we are generally reimbursed 1/3 of the larger providers
  • We do not charge “Facility Fees” like some hospital systems
  • The State of Ohio has had Direct Access to physical therapy since 2004?
  • You do not need a physician referral (except Medicare) to seek PT services
  • And, yes, these services will be paid in full, at the same level of coverage by your insurance company
  • Some physical therapy practices try to maximize profit by treating 2-3 patients at a time while billing your insurance company as if it was 1:1 care. They sometimes use unlicensed personnel to further cut their costs.
  • We provide legitimate 1:1 care with a LICENSED clinician (we are focused on YOU, not our bottom line)

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