Brian M.

Last November I suffered two injuries: a left shoulder injury and a torn right meniscus. The knee required surgical intervention but the left shoulder needed physical therapy. I work at Progressive and went to their Health Services Dept and was referred to Mayfield Physical Therapy which is near my workplace. The office is conveniently located less than a mile off I-271. The small facility is full of equipment to get complete physical therapy services. I had to start small because my shoulder was in bad shape from boxing. In fact Brad Jenkins started me out with merely stretching out my shoulder and completing sets of exercises with no weight bearing whatsoever. I didn’t think I would ever improve but Brad was patient and explained the mechanics of the shoulder joint and the importance of my exercising it within the range of motion which would not cause pain! This was an entirely new concept to me as I had been raised on the No Pain, No Gain mindset. Eventually other therapists were also involved in my care and I am still attending once per week sessions. The pain in my shoulder is gone but my strength is still significantly diminished in the left shoulder compared to the right. All in all I am very happy with my PT at Mayfield Physical therapy and would gladly recommend their services to anyone in need.

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